I have catalyzed art-science collaborations, curated art-science exhibits and performances, founded and directed an art-science residency program, and led other activities for creative science engagement.

Art + Science In the Field: AS IF Center : I was founder and director of this art-science residency program in the mountains of North Carolina for two years. The residency’s location took advantage of the ecological richness of the southern Appalachians and the proximity to over a vibrant art community with several hundred artists working in craft media. The program ended when housing facilities became unavailable. Residents included members of Rob Dunn Lab’s Sourdough Project in collaboration with sound artist Judith Casseday; Geologist and papermaker Kaye Savage, John Pickering’s Moth Project at Discover Life, fiber artist Gabrielle Duggan, dendrochronologist Sara Rich, herpetologist Todd Pierson, and others.

Geologist and papermaker Kaye Savage experimented with natural pigments during a residency at AS IF Center.

Art-Science Presentations
At professional societies, colleges & universities, and other organizations I have made presentations about art-science collaborations, science communication, citizen science, and other kinds of science engagement. Partners have included the following:
Asheville Collider
Association of Environmental Science and Studies annual meeting
Georgia State University, Biology Department
Grinnell College, Getting Your Eyes On: Art/Biology Connections, keynote speaker
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Organization of Biological Field Stations
Spelman College Teaching Resource and Research Center
University of Georgia Special Collections Libraries
University of Tennessee, EEB Graduate Program

Art-science Exhibits
I initiated and curated the following exhibits:
Art Wing, Entomological Society of America
Selections, Fernbank Museum of Natural History
Optic Chiasm, Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (co-curated with Nicole Gerardo and Elizabeth Peterson)

Art-science Collaborations  
I catalyzed and facilitated the following collaborations between artists and scientists:
The Accumulation of Change, Lelavision with David Lynn Lab, Emory University
Fertile Eyes, Lelavision with Anna Edlund
Evolution: An Art Experiment in collaboration with Nicole Gerardo Lab at Atlanta Science Festival

A meeting I hosted with Leah Mann & Ela Lamblin, known as Lelevision (above); Emory scientists David Lynn and Arri Eisen (below).