I am very new to fiber but I think I’m in love — it makes so many things possible.

I have been looking for years for a way to incorporate my drawing and painting with plant specimens, insect wings, and other mixed media, and also to work with a bit more dimension and texture.

And: woven fabric lends itself well to graphing data, since it’s grid-like. Already got a built in x-y axis. I’m going to mess around with that some.

AND: I recently purchased the Ashley Book of Knots, a bible for the knot-o-phile. In its rather flowery old-fashioned language, I found a wonderful passage — one of those ideas that seems so fundamental and obvious but so easily overlooked. The magic about knots, about fiber in general, is that you start with something of one dimension, a rope, a string, a LINE. Then you cross it over itself or weave it and you have two dimensions, a SHAPE. But when you knot it, or knit or crochet or wrap or tangle or sew it, you make something in three dimensions, a FORM. That’s just so cool. Eventually I’ll be able to distill that coolness into some groovy made things, but for now I’m just playing.