You were born creative. Get it back.

Creative Edge Workshops are hands-on, minds-on workshops at the intersections of art and science, nature and culture. The challenges of the 21st century will require us to step out of our comfort zones, communicate across boundaries, and use extraordinary creativity. Have you been focusing on STEM but feel adrift when it comes to innovating or making something new? Creative Edge Workshops are based on research and designed to enhance creativity and collaboration – skills we need to survive and succeed.

Students embody the science of collective animal behavior through a participatory “flocking” exercise.

Tailored for science geeks, open to anyone.

The workshop will give you a creative edge to

  • Get unstuck as a researcher, student, artist, culture worker, entrepreneur, career changer, etc.
  • Enrich your thesis or dissertation with inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary inquiry and creativity
  • Make college applications that get noticed
  • Design innovative undergraduate independent study projects
  • Engage the public in your science or other research, making broader impacts
  • Build social skills for collaboration 
  • Break out of silos, dissolve boundaries, develop courage to innovate

Grounded in recent neuroscience and other research about creativity, the workshop will explore:

  • Thinking tools for creativity, with prompts and practices
  • Rich rewards in “beginner” exercises: Blind contour drawing, free writing
  • Hands-on making, physical thinking, analogizing. storytelling
  • Improvisation: You already have what you need
  • Divergent thinking: What could this be?
  • Awakening a useful sense of Play
  • Collaborating across disciplinary boundaries
  • Working with diverse communities: Building meaningful relationships with others
  • Biomimicry/ bio harmony: Learning from the natural world

You will need:

  • An open mind
  • A willingness to share
  • Courage to try new things

You will NOT need:

  • Art supplies, sketchbooks, et cetera (but please bring any you might want to play with)
  • Experience in any art medium whatsoever, including visual art, creative writing, music…
  • “TALENT”

With training from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, workshop leader Nancy Lowe is an artist with over two decades of experience leading art-science workshops and other art-science collaborations. See this page for more info.

June 10, 2023 from 10am – 1pm at The Foundry, Cambridge, MA, with a one-hour follow up via zoom.

$150 to register  |   Scholarships available | Maximum: Eight participants  

REGISTER HERE by June 2, 2023

To inquire about scholarships or get more information, please email:

Tabula rasa. What will you create?